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Duanvale Health Centre

Duanvale Health Centre

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Location: - Duanvale , Duanvale P.O Trelawny

Type II

Total Visits ( 2015 ) 1,409 

Contact Persons: PHN Jacqueline Williams - Scott

Telephone:- 771 - 8411  

Needs Identified:


  • The physical structure badly deteriorated , integrity questioned assessed prior for a new health centre, now urgently needed.
  • Interim fix needed
  • Missing window panes and blades, huge cracks in wall medical records area is woefully inadequate 
  • Facility is termite infested
  • Replace security bars
  • Cupboards needs fixing
  • Old cottage at the back of the premises need to be properly secured and renovated
  • Property need to be fenced and gate repaired 
  • Proper garbage disposable system need to be implemented
  • Patio needed
  • Building need to erect to house and medical domestic wastes
  • Front wall of the premises is breaking away
  • Signage for easy identification of the facility is needed

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