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Annotto Bay Health Centre:- Sponsored by Jamiaca

Annotto Bay Health Centre:- Sponsored by Jamiaca

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Name:- Annotto Bay Health Centre

Location:- Annotto Bay,St Mary

Total Visits ( 2015 ) 19,836

Type:- 3

Contact Persons:- Mrs Pauline Meek ( 770 - 1380 )

Dawn Marie Betten Richards Public Health Nurse ( 770- 2477 )

Needs Identified:


  • Painting of Interior and exterior of building
  • Plumbing/bathroom repairs/refurbishing
  • Minor electrical works
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
Curative Antenatal Family Health Curative Family Health
Dressings Curative Curative Chronic Disease Pap Smears
Dental Dental Dressings Postnatal Dressings

Family Health


Antenatal Food Handlers



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