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Bamboo Health Centre  ( Sponsored by Jamaicans Inspired UK )

Bamboo Health Centre ( Sponsored by Jamaicans Inspired UK )

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Location:- Shelly Road, Bamboo, P.O, St Ann

Type 11

Total Visits (2015) 1,478

Contact Persons:- Ms Taniesha Dawson ( 549 - 6508 )

Ms. Doreen Fearon ( 770 - 8202 )

Needs Identified:-


  • Erection of sign
  • Plumbing repairs to restrooms plus installation and repairs of hand wash stations
  • Replacements of main electrical panel and rewiring of building. LED Lights to be retrofitted
  • Floor tiles to be laid approximately 300 sq ft. Repairs to cupboards and cabinets,plus replace door locks
  • Repair to fencing at entrance and installation of a gate.
  • Relocate transfer pump and construct outdoor housing
  • Repairs to water catchment gutters.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Antenatal Dental Family Planning Child Health
2 Antenatal Psychiatry Curative Child Health
Antenatal Family Planning Curative* Postnatal
4 Family Planning Nutrition Child Health

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