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Bath Health Centre:- Sponsored by Ramocan Family

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Location: - Bath, St Thomas

Type: - II

Total Visits (2015)  3,859 

Contact Persons: - Natoya Scott Ops Manager / Soia McKenzie (PHN)

Telephone:- 538 - 6600 /  420 -2206

Needs Identified:



  • The facility needs to be painted
  • Additional space needed for service delivery - an extension of the building needed to create that space.
  • In need of termite treatment
  • Partitioning needed for some areas
  • Bathrooms need refurbishing
  • Facility not fenced. Fencing needed to enhance security
  • Clients bathroom doors need to be reconfigured to provide wheelchair access.
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1 Postnatal Medical Child Health
2 Antenatal Medical Family Planning Child Health
3 Antenatal Medical Postnatal Child Health
4 Medical Family Planning Medical

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