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Central Village Health Centre:- Sponsored by Lasco

Central Village Health Centre:- Sponsored by Lasco

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Location: Brunswick Avenue, St Catherine

Type: I

Total Visits (2015) 1 ,471 

Contact Persons:- Nurse Lavene Allwood

Telephone:- 602 - 3350


Needs Identified:


  • Service delivery areas- Sluice dressing /treatment, Dr's office  needed.
  • Additional space required to support curative service
  • Midwife cottage:- None
  • Patio - Utilised as the waiting area: requires expansion
  • Water shortage capacity- 1000 gal ( inadequate)
  • Fencing- None
  • Waste disposal - solid waste is collected by NSWMA: medical waste collected by Health dept.
  • Electrical wiring of the facility - will need upgrading for Signage - yes however a larger sign is needed
  • Kitchen - needs some upgrade
  • Doors and windows - meshing required
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    1 Child Health Antenatal Curative
    2 Postnatal Nutrition Child Health Antenatal Curative

    Child Health


    Antenatal Curative
    4 Postnatal

    Family Planning

    Pap Smears

    Child Health Antenatal
    5 Curative

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