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Clarks Town Health Centre

Clarks Town Health Centre

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Location: - Clarks Town P.O. Trelawny

Type Rural Maternity Centre ( R.M.C)

Total Visits ( 2015 ) 3,180

Contact Persons: PHN Valrie-  Manning - Cole

 Telephone  954 - 1738  

Needs Identified:


  • Structural reorganisation of the facility needed, for example the dressing room and Medical records area needs to be relocated, from its present location to a more suitable place.
  • Lunch room is needed
  • Additional patient sanitary facility needed
  • Major plumbing and electrical problems
  • Broken windows needs to be replaced and repaired, adjustments need to be done to grill work to facility, also cleaning of the facility.
  • Awing needed to be installed in the waiting area
  • Building need to erect to house medical and domestic waste.
  • Leaking roof - water seeps through roof area where joined.
  • Patio needs to be grilled ( too open )
  • Facility needs repainting
  • Ramp needs to provide access to wheelchair access clients
  • Inadequate storage facility for domestic and medical wastes.
  • Shine for easy identification of the facility is needed.
  • Damaged windows

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