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Fellowship Health Centre

Fellowship Health Centre

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Location: Fellowship Portland Type: II    Total Visits (2015) 3010

Contact Persons:

PHN Palma Brown - Wright (840-4285) Mrs Joan McPherson (318-0011)

Needs Identified:


  • Erection of sign
  • Plumbing Repairs to restrooms plus installation and repairs to hand wash stations
  • Building to be retrofitted with LED lights
  • Installation of 1000 gallon water storage tank
  • Repair to fencing and installation of 7x7ft double gate
  • Replacement and refurbishing of doors

Clinic Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Dressing Dressing Child Health Antenatal Dressing
2nd Dressing Post Natal Child Health Antenatal Dressing
3rd Dressing

Family Planning

Child Health Dressing Dressing
4th Dressing Curative Dressing Antenatal Dressing

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