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Point Hill Health Centre ( Sponsored by Dr Gary A. Rhule )

Point Hill Health Centre ( Sponsored by Dr Gary A. Rhule )

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Location:- Point Hill, St Catherine

Type:- II

Total Visits (2015)  1,316 

Contact Persons:- Nurse Marian McFarlane 

Telephone:- 705 - 4584 - 538 -0079

Needs Identified:


  • Large cracks in the walls, shifting of the floor and walls especially in the right back section of building.
  • Service delivery areas  - Sluice area - in disrepair,
  • Space constraint - Doctors office,  need kitchen , Lunch area.
  • Midwife cottage - need significant refurbishing work.
  • Patio-  None 
  • Inadequate water storage capacity
  • Fencing - None
  • Waste disposal - Domestic waste is burnt and  Medical waste collected by Health Dept once per week.
  • Electrical wiring of the facility needs to be upgraded.
  • Utility room - cottage being used as utility store room.
  • Kitchen - Yes needs upgrading.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Curative Antenatal Child Health Postnatal
2 PATH Family Planning
3 Antenatal Booking Antenatal Child Health Postnatal
4 Family Planning



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