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Wait-A-Bit Health Centre

Wait-A-Bit Health Centre

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Location: - Allside District, Wait - A - Bit P.O Trelawny

Type II

Total Visits ( 2015 ) 1,806

Contact Persons: PHN Beulah Campbell- Allen

Telephone:- 771- 9005

Needs Identified:


  • Inadequate water storage capacity
  • Water problems( the clinic totally dependent on harvest rain water) therefore, a proper system for supplying portable water needs to be implemented during dry seasons.
  • Cottage need to be repaired and renovated
  • Poor lightning in Office / Medical records area
  • Plumbing issues which affects bathroom facilities and water storage tank
  • Replacement of missing window panes needs to be done
  • Properly installation of roof guttering
  • inadequate facility for the storage of domestic and medical wastes
  • Proper garbage disposable system need to be implemented
  • Signage for easy identification of the facility needed

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