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Wood Park Health Centre

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Location:- Wood Park District, Pembroke Hall P.A. , St Mary

Type:- II

Total Visits ( 2015 )431

Contact Persons:- Parish Administrator, PAuline Meek ( 770 - 1380 )

Needs Identified:

  • Complete replaement of roof and ceiling to include gutters, eaves etc...
  • Replacement/repairs of windows and doors.
  • Rewiring and upgrade of electrical systems for the building.
  • Mounting of a fence and repairs to the gate for the property.
  • Painting if interior and exterior walls.
  • Plumbing repairs to exsiting fixtures and fittings plus installation of additional wash hand stations in treatment rooms.
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1 Child Health & Welfare Post Natal Clinic
2 Curative
3 Child Health & Welfare Post Natal Clinic

Family Planning & Antenatal Clinic

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